Interlibrary Loans

We'll get it for you.

UP Engglib offers interlibrary loan services to its users through its linkages and networks with other academic libraries in the country. Interlibrary loan enables the library to provide users with information from the material they need which are not part of its collection by loaning the said material from the source library, on behalf of the user.

Referral Service

There are information needs of library patrons which the library may not be able to immediately provide. To accommodate this, UP Engglib offers referral services for library users who intend to use the resources and services of other libraries. Library users would be provided with a letter by the library which they would present to the library they intend to do their research at. 

Library patrons may proceed to the Information Services Section to learn more about interlibrary loans or request for a referral letter. Requests may also be emailed at

@engglib on Twitter