Library Orientations and Tours

Experience Engglib for yourself.

UP Engglib welcomes visitors from here and abroad who would like to take a tour of the Library -- from students and librarians to visiting professors and foreign students.

Know what you need to know.

Library tours are tailored to your group or organization's needs. Whether you would like to learn more about our collection or our suite of technology-enriched services, we've got you covered.

Library Benchmarks? This is the place to be.

Librarians from all over the country have visited UP Engglib to conduct benchmarking activities, learning new library practices and technologies along the way.


You may request for a library tour online by clicking here, but before you do, please take note of the following:

  • Library tour requests must be made at least one week before your intended date of visit. This is to allow us to check our schedules and prepare the tour program.
  • Only one member from your group needs to place a tour request. He/She becomes our contact person for the tour activity and all matters related to it will be discussed with him/her.
  • If you have concerns or special requests regarding your tour, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to accommodate your requests and make your tour more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Schedule a Tour

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