WiFi Access

Stay connected anywhere within Engglib premises.

Do you need to access electronic resources right on your own laptop, smartphone, or tablet? UP Engglib is proud to deliver you fast internet speed to satisfy your need. You can connect to a hotspot at any location inside Engglib. College of Engineering students, faculty, and staff can exclusively connect to ENGGNET using their CRS credentials and gain access to all of Engglib's e-resources. UP COE Faculty and Staff members can alternatively connect to the UPCOE-WIFI using the username and password which will be provided by the library staff. The DILNET WiFi connection is also available and you may use your CRS credentials to login.

Kindly approach any library staff for assistance.

Wireless Connectivity Usage Guidelines of the College of Engineering Library

All users of the wireless network service of the College of the Engineering Library must agree to the following proscriptions of use:

  1. Infringement of protected material. Users are prohibited from performing acts of copyright infringement, such as but not limited to: the unauthorized copying, reproduction, dissemination, distribution, importation, use, removal, alteration, substitution, modification, storage, unloading, downloading, communication, publication or broadcasting of copyrighted materials including software, databases, and multimedia files, among others.
  2. Offensive materials. Users are prohibited from using the wireless networks to access offensive materials such as pornographic, racially discriminating, libelous, and scandalous materials.
  3. Political Use. No user of the wireless networks is allowed from using the service for partisan and political activities.
  4. Hacking and unauthorized access. Users are not allowed to use the wireless system to gain access to secure servers, databases or websites, nor corrupt through introduction of malware and viruses and alter or steal data from other users or networks. Unauthorized modification of Engglib’s network/wireless services, IT facilities and equipment is strictly prohibited.
  5. Unauthorized gaming or entertainment. Gaming or use of entertainment software is strictly prohibited unless authorized and endorsed, in written form, by faculty or other authorities within the University.
  6. Password protection. Library users who are given a password-protected account may not disclose such password or otherwise makes the account available to others.
  7. Large data transfer. Use of the Wi-Fi System for high volume data transfers, especially sustained high volume data transfers, beyond the acceptable limit of 1GB per hour is prohibited. Should there be need for data transfer beyond the acceptable limit, the user may file a request in written form, to the Head Librarian signifying the purpose and should be within the provisions of the University’s Acceptable Use Policy. All requests should be endorsed by the faculty or any competent authority.

The College of Engineering Library reserves the right to suspend use of the wireless networks for the duration of the semester up to one (1) academic year depending on the offense incurred if found violating any of the provisions stated herein.

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