UP Engglib Facilities

Social learning spaces for sharing and collaboration.

UP Engglib is more than a reading area. It houses several facilities designed around learning enriched by technology, collaboration, and user comfort. What sets UP Engglib apart from other libraries is that the library heavily invests in technological infrastructure and operations. Engglib marks itself as an IT library, in the midst of the changing times. In order to streamline all processes in the library, Engglib is heavily dependent in this infrastructure. The Library guarantees to deliver fast and efficient services to its users and set an updated know-how on the technological advances in the world. The Library has its own server room and all rooms are well-connected to its local area network. Each room was designed with a unique purpose and has the ability to connect and access the different resources intended for development and research. Select any of the links below to discover UP Engglib's facilities.


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