Facility Reservation

More than just rooms.

UP Engglib houses a suite of well-designed and furnished facilities that may be rented for academic activities and events.

  • Discussion Rooms

The Discussion Rooms are ideal for group study sessions and meetings. Each room houses tables and enough seating for up to ten people per table, and whiteboards to jot down discussion points on. A valid UP ID is required to use the rooms.

  • TLC Multimedia Room

The Multimedia Room at the Learning Commons is more than a viewing room. A set of reconfigurable tables and seats enable it to serve any purpose, from film showing sessions to classroom instruction. The room comes equipped with an HDTV, sound system, multimedia projector, and interactive smartboard. Exlusive to faculty members only.

  • Conference Room

The Conference Room at UP Engglib is perfect for meetings and discussions. The room is equipped with an HDTV and multimedia projector.

  • UPAE Centennial Hall Atrium

The atrium or lobby of the UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall is ideal for exhibits. Users may proceed to the Administration Office of the Library to inquire regarding the reservation of the lobby.

Facility Reservation Guidelines

  • Make your reservation at least three (3) days before intended date of use. This is to allow us to check our schedule and prepare the facility for you.
  • If reserving a facility online, please provide a working e-mail address and phone number so we can contact you regarding your reservation.
  • Only faculty members may reserve the TLC Multimedia Room and the Conference Room.
  • Discussion Rooms are strictly for Academic Purposes Only.
  • TLC Discussion Room is intended for academic discussions with the use of technology equipment only.
  • For usage of Discussion Rooms, maximum of two hours per reservation only.

Reserve a Facility

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