Security Devices

Utilizing technology for safety and security.

Part of UP Engglib’s effort in providing quality and excellent service is to give assurance of the safety of its users and security of the library materials. It is the Library's intention to allow its users to enjoy the comfort of using its resources and facilities without worrying about their security. Thus, various security devices were strategically installed in different places in the Library to monitor areas and activities beyond the view of staff. This can be a way to prevent possible untoward incident from occurring.

CCTV Surveillance System

Engglib is equipped with closed-circuit television system to make sure that all users and their belongings stay safe. CCTV cameras were placed at very strategic locations to monitor every corner of the Library. Friendly security personnel also roam the building to keep watch for everyone's safety.

Coin-operated Lockers

In case extra security is needed, coin-operated lockers could be used by dropping a P1 coin in the coin slot and turning the lock. Users can get their designated key and be confident that their belongings are safe inside the locker.

Security Gates

Located at the entry of each section, security gates are placed to alert the library of users who would take out library materials without permission.

Turnstile Library Entry

Engglib’s security system features turnstile flap gates and antennas that work with UP’s RFID-enabled IDs. This security system monitors the authorized entry of users and security of library materials.

RFID Door Access Control System

Engglib is also utilizing an RFID-based security access control system. Keyless-entry readers were installed in the doors of important sections in order to prevent unauthorized entry to the staff-only premises of the Library.

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