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It's that time of the year again.

Worried about that long overdue book debt?

Save the date. We are declaring a Library Fines Amnesty Day on Fri, 31 March 2017 as we are celebrating 95 years of UP Libraries. 

The amnesty of library fines covers all libraries in the University of the Philippines System, and including college/unit libraries within UP Diliman. Please see the image for more guidelines.

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More ways to explore the resources of our library... and the world’s libraries

The UP College of Engineering Library (EnggLib) currently holds access to more than 54,000 titles of print resources  and to more than 30,000 titles of e-books and e-journals. Even with its vast collection of resources and tools, the Library acknowledges that there is still so much more information that the users could access outside its own holdings.

Through EnggLib’s WorldCat Discovery service, users can search more than two billion electronic, digital, and physical resources in libraries around the world with a single search.

Access the library’s WorldCat Discovery on https://engglib.on.worldcat.org/discovery and search for billions of available titles.

Key Features:

Basic Search

Type your keyword in the search box and get recommended topics as you do!

Advanced Search

For more complex and specific search inquiries, users may opt to use the Advanced Search to combine search fields and refine search results.

Limit Your Search

Users may also limit their search to return only peer-reviewed articles and use a combination of search fields by format, year, and location.

Interlibrary Loan

Resources not available in the Library’s holdings may be requested through interlibrary loan (ILL). The Library will notify the users of the receipt of their request as well as give them an update of its status. The Library shall also inform the requesting user of the applicable fees to facilitate the request.

Other features:


Share the material by sending a record of it through email. Record links are also available for sharing.

Cite a Record

Citations for each record are available in various formats such as in APA (6th ed.), MLA (7th ed.), and Chicago (Author-Date, 16th ed.). Citations may also be exported with EndNote and RefWorks.  


Save the record and view it on your list for easy reference.


MARCH 27 - APRIL 30, 2017

The Engineering Challenge is Back!

The Engineering Academic Challenge is an immersive interdisciplinary problem-set based competition built around 5 transdisciplinary themes including Energy for a Sustainable Future, Human Intelligence Meets the Artificial and Securing Cyberspace. The first problem-set will go live on Monday, March 27. On every following Monday for 5 weeks – until Sunday, April 30 – a new problem-set of questions will be posted.

Visit https://eac.elsevier.com/ to register


Win Exciting Prizes!

For Weekly winners: 
Get the highest points and receive a $100 Amazon gift card

1st Place Grand Prize: 
Get the highest accumulation of points at the end of The Challenge and receive $200 Amazon gift card

Team Grand Prize: 
Get the highest accumulated score at the end of The Challenge and receive $400 Amazon gift card

Upcoming Webinar with EAC Demonstration

Join the EAC Webinar on March 27, 10:00 AM EST where Lead designer Daniel Christe, Research Associate - Drexel Mechanical Engineering and Innovation Advisor to Elsevier, introduces game-based learning and invites a student to give a live demonstration of the 2017 EAC. Register for this webinar at http://bit.ly/2n7Pquh.

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