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MARCH 27 - APRIL 30, 2017

The Engineering Challenge is Back!

The Engineering Academic Challenge is an immersive interdisciplinary problem-set based competition built around 5 transdisciplinary themes including Energy for a Sustainable Future, Human Intelligence Meets the Artificial and Securing Cyberspace. The first problem-set will go live on Monday, March 27. On every following Monday for 5 weeks – until Sunday, April 30 – a new problem-set of questions will be posted.

Visit https://eac.elsevier.com/ to register


Win Exciting Prizes!

For Weekly winners: 
Get the highest points and receive a $100 Amazon gift card

1st Place Grand Prize: 
Get the highest accumulation of points at the end of The Challenge and receive $200 Amazon gift card

Team Grand Prize: 
Get the highest accumulated score at the end of The Challenge and receive $400 Amazon gift card

Upcoming Webinar with EAC Demonstration

Join the EAC Webinar on March 27, 10:00 AM EST where Lead designer Daniel Christe, Research Associate - Drexel Mechanical Engineering and Innovation Advisor to Elsevier, introduces game-based learning and invites a student to give a live demonstration of the 2017 EAC. Register for this webinar at http://bit.ly/2n7Pquh.

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