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Check out Dr. Mary Donnabelle L. Balela et al.'s new publication entitled "Surface Modification of ZnO Nanostructured Film Prepared by Hot Water Oxidation" published on Surface and Coatings Technology, Elsevier, Volume 340.

The article is accessible within library networks and via remote access on https://doi.org/10.1016/j.surfcoat.2018.02.055



•ZnO nanostructured films were fabricated via hot water oxidation of etched Zn foil.
•Morphology was tuned by varying the solution pH and reaction time, and adding ZnCl2.
•Stearic acid and 1-hexadecene turned superhydrophilic ZnO films superhydrophobic.
•Treated ZnO nanostructured films had static water contact angles as high as 156.62°.
•Superhydrophobicity of treated ZnO films was stable even after mechanical abrasion.


ZnO nanostructured films with tunable morphology were fabricated using hot water oxidation of etched Zn foils at 90 °C under varying solution conditions. At high pH, coarse ZnO nanostructured film, consisting of short nanorods, was produced. When the pH was lowered to about 3.8, no ZnO nanostructures were produced. On the other hand, a 1D-2D composite ZnO nanostructured film, consisting of nanorods and nanosheets, was formed by adding 0.05 to 0.20 M ZnCl2 during hot water oxidation. Increasing the ZnCl2 concentration further produced simonkolleite platelets instead of ZnO. The as-synthesized ZnO nanostructured films showed excellent wettability with static water contact angle ranging from 0 to 22.37°. Surface modification with stearic acid and 1-hexadecene under UV illumination effectively altered the wetting properties of the ZnO nanostructured films, resulting to superhydrophobic surfaces with static water contact angles of 149.90–156.62° and contact angle hysteresis as low as 1.63°. The 1-hexadecene-treated pencil-like ZnO nanorods achieved the highest water contact angle and retained its superhydrophobicity even after mechanical abrasion.

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Dr. Mary Donnabelle L. Balela is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mining, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering.

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