eNewsClips Repository

Using IT towards operational efficiency and better service.

UP Engglib is also abundant in technologies that will help maximize efficiency of operations. An example of such technology is the eNewsClips Repository, a web-based, local portal for digitized newspaper clippings. eNewsClips was developed using DSpace, an open-source online repository for digitized content, which the Library has utilized to store its digitized vertical files for preservation and access. The incorporation of IT in the organization and management of these newspaper clippings provides added convenience for the researchers, eliminating the need to search through the usual file cabinets to access the actual printed materials. Since these electronic copies can be downloaded and obtained by the researcher, there is also no need for photocopying, as every clipping can be accessed by multiple users at the same time. These newspaper clippings are being indexed as well, allowing users to have better access to its contents.

eNewsClips is accessible within the UP Engglib Network only.

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