Records and Archives Management System (RAMs)

Engglib's solution for managing digital records and archival materials.

UP Engglib adheres to self-imposed standards of promptness and efficiency in delivering library services. Applicable technologies were being used in various areas of administrative operations, an example of which is the Records and Archives Management System (RAMs). Established as a solution for managing digital records and archival materials, this in-house developed system makes it a possibility for a lot of functions to be carried out more efficiently by the Library -- adding new records with or without soft copy attachments; editing existing records; viewing statistical reports on new and current items; and determining which records must be weeded out. Moreover, the system offers a complete search functionality. RAMs was developed to keep track of the library’s voluminous records and archival materials and to further systematize the record-keeping service of the Library. Through this system, transferred documents and archival materials coming from various sections of the Library can be made easily searchable and retrievable.

RAMs is accessible within the UP Engglib Network only.

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