Circulation and Reserve Books

From introductory texts to highly technical publications.

UP Engglib's Circulation and Reserve Section houses a vast collection of books covering all areas of instruction of the College, from introductory texts to technical textbooks on topics ranging from geodesy to electronics.

Circulation Books

On the Library's open shelves are books that may be loaned by students and faculty. These include multiple editions of key coursebooks and textbooks featuring detailed discussions of various subfields of engineering.

The Reserve Collection

Set apart from the circulation collection, reserve books are often prescribed for certain Engineering courses and are available for room use or overnight loan only to allow more students to use them. These books are kept in closed shelves; just fill out a request form to get the book you need. 

Searching is quick and easy.

At UP Engglib, you'll never have to hunch your back over dozens of drawers and sift through catalog cards. TUKLAS, provides an online public access catalog (OPAC) searching features and the ability to reserve books online. Convenient, painless, and accessible everywhere. Search TUKLAS  now.

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