The Head Librarian

Ms. Sharon Maria S. Esposo-Betan

“Librarian 2.0.” This best describes Ms. Sharon Ma. S. Esposo-Betan. It is through her leadership that the College of Engineering Library  has undergone major breakthroughs. Her exemplary performance earned her various awards: Alay sa Inhinyero Award for the Most Outstanding Librarian of the College of Engineering Library in 2006; Gawad Chancellor Para Sa Natatanging REPS award in 2009; and just recently, her second Gawad Chancellor Para Sa Natatanging REPS. Her project, The Learning Commons, was awarded as 2011’s PAARL Outstanding Library Program of the Year.

During her early years in the library, she was assigned as the section head of the Reserve Section, and Internet and Computing Facility. Through her initiative, several improvements happened in the library. These included the creation of a database for Reserve books per department and the development of the library website. Another is the migration to Linux operating systems of the PCs used at the library’s Internet facility. Ms. Esposo-Betan was a member of the Technical/ Management Team responsible for the development, design, and deployment of the iLib Integrated Library System. iLib was an answer to the rising cost of commercial library systems. As the only woman on the team, she proved that the women of today can contribute as much as men can. To date, iLib is now being implemented system-wide. Clients no longer use borrower cards and they can now reserve books online and view their transaction history.

Another major accomplishment is the establishment of Engineering Library II, or more fondly called as EnggLib2. She outlined the library’s vision, mission, programs and organization. EnggLib2 is the only UP library which has already made use of all of the iLib’s modules.

She also spearheaded the employment of  state-of-the-art security measures such as Security gate/panel at the main entrance, RFID integrated door-access, CCTV system to monitor critical areas such as the bookshelves and bag counters, and coin-operated lockers for added security of belongings. It is also the only UP library which has an automated inventory system developed from an open-source software. This paved way to a faster inventory of library materials, furniture, and equipment.

It was also Ms. Esposo-Betan’s idea to create the Orange Network. The Orange Network is a blog where newly acquired books and journals are posted, complete with the image, bibliographic record, abstract, and the recommending faculty.

Another accomplishment of Ms. Esposo-Betan is the “I need. I value. I Love My Library” campaign. This is an awareness campaign aimed at reminding users to take care of the library materials, furniture, and equipment. As of today, the campaign is being adopted by various institutions, both from the country and abroad. Another campaign she spearheaded is the “Greening the Library Project.” This campaign’s goal is to reduce the library’s ecological footprint by streamlining work processes and operations to reduce resource consumption.

Aside from these, she also set up an E-Reference Portal aimed at solving budget and space allocation issues. This enables users to browse through open-access General Reference sites such as online dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, maps, and atlases. She also set up the E-Journals Portal, another open-access e-resource that can be accessed even at home through the library’s website. Furthermore, she initiated  the use of an open source online repository (DSpace) for newspaper clippings. At present, these portals are all integrated into one, the eGateway portal. 

It was during her time that the library realized its responsibility to adapt to the latest trends, social media accounts were made for the library. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In 2012, she saw the need to systematize and standardize the records management practices of EnggLib I and EnggLib II. With this, through her supervision and the help of developers and librarians from EnggLib, the Records Management and Archives System (RAMs) was established. The following year, she also thought of a way on how to preserve the institutional assets and heritage of the college. All of these are reflected in the Library Orientation Kit (Primer for Students and Faculty) which she and her dedicated staff came up with. It is given to all Engineering students and faculty to serve as their guide to the Library’s resources.

Ms. Esposo-Betan constantly makes EnggLib’s presence felt not only in the country but to other Asian countries as well. This she does through establishing linkages and presentations during  regional conferences.

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