About UP Engglib

Creating and sharing knowledge to the global engineering community.

The UP Engineering Library (UP Engglib) is committed to redefining its role as a premier academic library by advancing the collegiate excellence and scholarship among the engineers of today and tomorrow. The library users consisting of students, faculty, and researchers from all walks of life are provided with the privilege to utilize the Library’s unparalleled growing collection of resources in Engineering education, coupled with its excellent services and well-designed conducive facilities allowing collaboration and shared learning. UP Engglib is among the leading libraries in the country which is now extending its reach to the academic community by establishing linkages during regional conferences and events. Moreover, the library has established its identity as a benchmark for best practices and innovative ideas, with local and foreign institutions visiting and adopting the library’s advocacies to serve their own purposes.

Our Vision

The UP College of Engineering Library is a world-class innovative intellectual haven of learning for a diverse global engineering community of students, faculty, alumni and researchers. It is an institution driven by empowered professional librarians who acquire, manage , maintain, preserve and provide ubiquitous access to dynamic information resources and services in support of the teaching, research and development needs of its partners using appropriate advance technologies.

Our Mission

The UP College of Engineering Library takes the lead in creating and sharing knowledge to the global engineering community through:

  • Facilities designed to foster dynamic learning patters and adapt to the changing lifestyle of students, faculty, alumni and researchers
  • Continuous access to abundant and diverse sources of information in various media, location and mode of delivery
  • Highly motivated personnel who provide professional and personalized services
  • Effective organization management with transparency and accountability, staff development and empowerment, innovative financial sourcing and continuous improvement of infrastructure and equipment
  • Application of green technologies for the promotion of social responsibility and environmental sustainability

The Engglib Logo

The UP Engineering Library logo symbolizes the Library's commitment to supplementing the academic needs of the College of Engineering through infusion of technology with library services.

The eight blobs, each with a pictogram symbolizing the eight academic departments of the College, are arranged to resemble an integral sign - a symbol of the Library's mission and representative of dynamism, representing the wave of innovation in the way information is created, handled, and consumed.

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