Advocacies & Programs

More than a library.

UP Engglib goes beyond providing the best resources and services to its community. It is committed to further widen its reach by promoting responsibility among its users through its advocacies and programs. Engglib aims to inculcate values among its users, contribute to the library profession and society, and lend a hand in the development of engineering libraries in the country.

I need. I value. I Love My Library.

This simple library awareness campaign aggressively promotes student responsibility in the care of library materials and facilities, and in the maintenance of a library environment conducive to learning. The program instills the importance of our facilities and collections to new users, young students and even to loyal patrons, leading to the collective effort of preserving the library. Initiated in 2008, the campaign is now one of the most well known advocacies being adopted by libraries all over the country and some libraries overseas. The campaign also inspires and motivates librarians all over the world, enabling them to show their love for their profession and institutions.

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Engglib's Best Borrowers

Instilling good values to library users in ensuring that library materials are returned in due time and are taken cared of properly, Engglib started giving the Best Borrowers Award. This is given to students and faculty who have demonstrated maximized and responsible use of materials and have returned the most number of loaned books on time within the semester. Additional library perks are given to them as prizes for their effort. More than the prize and the recognition, this project created an awareness to have a shared responsibility of the library in terms of maintaining its collection.

Greening the Library

Engglib also actively promotes ecological responsibility among libraries, documented in a booklet entitled “101 Ways to Green the Library”. The booklet is an attempt at sharing Engglib’s collective efforts to improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in the workplace with other libraries and information centers by setting up recommended practices that would reduce the ecological footprint of libraries - from more sustainable cataloging practices to the use of energy-efficient equipment. This is another exemplary gesture of library staff that not only are they helping promote professionalism in their work area but but also they are contributing in reducing carbon footprints on earth. It is with high hope that the simple ways to help make the library environmentally friendly, bring about changes not only in the way Engglib operates but also encourage other libraries to adapt these ways as their own thereby making all our libraries ecologically conducive.

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Electronic Waste Collection Box

A proof of how much Engglib values keeping the environment green and sustainable is the e-Waste Drop Box. If ever library users have old cellphones, laptops, chargers or other electronic waste, they can bring them over at Engglib and a specially fabricated recycling box is provided for the electronic waste to be disposed of properly. All e-waste gathered will be sent to recycling shops to make ensure that they will be reused, recycled, or disposed of properly.     

The Reading Zone

Engglib also promotes the values of discipline, honesty, and generosity through The Reading Zone, an area of the library where students are free to read, discuss, share and swap materials, without direct supervision from library personnel. This facility encourages the library users to take as many books that they want, provided that they donate the same number of books in return. Highlighting the exercise of honesty among library users, students are able to take any material from the shelf as long as they replace it from one of their own.

Book Donations and Outreach Programs

Engglib regularly conducts outreach programs, donating books and other materials to other institutions that would make great use of them. The Library's primary beneficiary has been the Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University in Pampanga.

Engglib also donated children’s books that will be sent into the disaster stricken part of Leyte during Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. Proceeds used for the purchase of these books were collected from the staff and friends of the Engglib.

Staff Training and Development

Through various programs either done in-house or through collaboration with library partners, Engglib has enabled itself to be an incubating laboratory for innovative ideas and enriching skills, not just for its staff, but also for library science students, librarians, and library users. Engglib equips soon-to-be library professionals on the practical know-how in the daily operations of a modern library, while at the same time encouraging them to provide feedback that can help better existing services. These students and young professionals are exposed to Engglib’s proactive library culture and environment, aiming to establish the mindset and set the standards on how an evolving and innovative modern library should operate and veer away from the less efficient traditional ways.

In addition, through its own Staff Training and Development Committee, Engglib helps provide informative lectures and fresh new ideas for the librarians. The Library strongly supports the career development of its own staff and information professionals so that not only do they become productive members of the Library, but also become contributing member of the bigger community of librarians.


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