As an IT Library

A library enriched by technology.

In a world where all information is available online and libraries are faced with the threat of obsolescence, UP Engglib stands above the rest with its quest to become a true state-of-the-art IT library for the 21st century, making use of new technologies to provide richer solutions and better service. Engglib’s IT infrastructure serves as the backbone of the Engglib network, allowing superb services to be delivered to library users. In addition, Engglib develops in-house web applications and utilizes free and open-source technologies in order to make electronic resources accessible to users in various ways in and maximize their usage.

The mark of an IT library.

Engglib runs and maintains its own network servers, making it possible to host its own website, deploy their own web applications, and store terabytes worth of data. It also manages its own local area network. All of the Library's workstations and devices are well connected to this network, allowing easier configuration and monitoring.

Go online anywhere.

All sections of Engglib are blanketed by a wireless network, providing web access to users with laptops, tablets, and mobile phones with Wi-Fi capability. Wireless access points were strategically located in order to provide strong wireless signals in locations most frequented by library users.

A digital research experience.

Engglib's electronic resources collection is accessible in a variety of ways -- through the eGateway Portal, the Engglib website, the Remote Access Portal, as well as through portable devices such as multimedia players and tablets that users may borrow for reading e-books or watching video lectures and other academic content.

Reaching out on the Internet.

Engglib has taken information services further through the use of new web technologies and social media. Know the latest library updates by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and  YouTube, or check out the  Orange Network blog.

Alternative learning experience.

Engglib lets users get real-time news from various news channels worldwide and watch academic-related documentaries and programs from Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and History Channel among others, through its weekly Film Fridays activity.

Peace of mind.

The Library's security system keeps a close eye on every corner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not comfortable with the bag counters? Lockers provide a secure storage space for valuable items; all it takes is a one-peso coin.




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