Acquisitions Section

The Acquisitions Section is responsible in the collection development and maintenance of the UP College of Engineering Library. It facilitates collection advancement through user needs analysis, selection, acquisition, and deselection of print and electronic resources. Moreover, it aims to meet the information needs of the library’s clientele by upholding the University Library’s Collection Development Policy and by coordinating with the Library Faculty Committee (LFC), different sections of the library, other unit libraries and offices, and its stakeholders.

This section serves as the coordinator for the activities of the Library Faculty Committee (LFC) and provides administrative and logistics support in all of its activities. It is also responsible of bookkeeping of library fund and providing LFC representatives of library fund status reports for their information and guidance in the library fund management of the respective departments.

Function 1: Collection Development

Category 1: Facilitating the selection of print and non-print library materials

  1. Disseminating selection tools and aids to the different departments
  2. Gathering requests of departments and accomplishing the Faculty Requests for Purchase (FRP)
  3. Bibliographic searching and verification
  4. Organizing library fairs

Category 2: Acquisition of print and non-print library materials

  1. Accepting requested library materials for purchase
  2. Verifying bibliographic information and checking the availability of requested materials
  3. Dealing with suppliers of print and electronic resources
  4. Coordinating with other units and offices (SPMO, ERDT, Accounting, Main-Lib, Unit Libraries)
  5. Preparing Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders of requested library materials
  6. Attending pre-procurement conferences, pre-biddings, and biddings
  7. Preparing and facilitating documents for the procurement of library materials in accordance with RA 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act)

Category 3: Gifts and Exchange Materials Program

  1. Accepting, acknowledging, and evaluating donated materials
  2. Soliciting and evaluating solicited materials
  3. Endorsing non-engineering materials to corresponding libraries

Category 4: Collection Maintenance (Weeding of Unserviceable Library Materials / Relief from Accountability)

  1. Facilitating documents on weeding of unserviceable library materials and replacing lost and damaged materials in coordination with the Circulation, Serials, Theses, and Cataloging Sections
  2. Facilitating the processing of the documents and coordinating with concerned offices/units (SPMO, COA, MainLib) in relation to the request for relief from accountability for lost and damaged/unserviceable library materials 
  3. Establishing, maintaining, and updating the database of weeded out materials
  4. Coordinating with Circulation/Reserve Section in updating the Reserve Book Collection
  5. Coordinating partnership with other institutions through consortia and resource sharing

Category 5: Linkages to other institutions

  1. Maintaining linkages with other libraries with engineering programs
  2. Maintaining linkages with publishers/ suppliers


Function 2: Recording/Accessioning of Newly Added Library Materials (print books, theses, ebooks, CD-ROMs)

  1. Creating a straight list of the newly purchased books & CD-ROM which includes the date accessioned, accession number, call number, author, title, price, department, requester, and subject/course where the said material will be used for.
  2. Creating a straight list of the newly donated books & theses which includes the date accessioned, accession number, call number, author, title, price)
  3. Mechanical processing (accessioning, stamping of ownership, placing of security strips) of print books, theses, and CD-ROMs (purchased & gifts)


Function 3: Library Fund Management 

  1. Maintaining, updating, and monitoring the library fund of the different departments
  2. Generating and distributing reports on the status of library fund to the respective LFC representatives, their department chairs and the College Dean


Function 4: Service to the Library Faculty Committee (as coordinator of activities)

  1. Coordinating with LFC members regarding details of LFC meetings/ workshop
  2. Preparing all necessary documents and reports as well as the venue for the LFC meetings and workshops
  3. Recording and disseminating minutes of the meetings

Ma. Sheila F. Papa

Gizelle Dela Cruz

Maggie May I. Manjares

Kaye Liane S. Rodriguez


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