Administrative Service Section

The Administrative Service Section performs vital support services to all sections of the College of Engineering Library namely; a.) Technical Services; b.) Information Technology; c.) User Services; and d.) Archives. The section is under the direct supervision of the Office of the Head Librarian. It supports the overall administration and organizational functions of the Library. 

The primary functions of the Administrative Service Section are categorized into the following:

  1. Supply and Property
  2. Office Records and Files Management
  3. Human Resource Organization and Administration
  4. Bookkeeping and Monitoring of Funds
  5. Building Administration and Site Development
  6. General Office Administration and Services


A. Supply and Property

  1. Conducting, reporting and submitting of inventory of supplies and equipment
  2. Preparing and submitting of Annual Procurement Plan for supplies, materials and equipment
  3. Selecting, recommending and reporting equipment for upgrading, repair and condemnation
  4. Purchasing of supplies and equipment
  5. Maintaining, safekeeping and controlling of supplies for distribution to different sections
  6. Requesting and canvassing of quotations of supplies, materials and equipment from suppliers
  7. Preparing of Acknowledgement Receipt of Equipment and Inventory Custodian Slip
  8. Maintaining of lost and found items and disposing of unused materials and supplies


B. Office Records and Files Management

  1. Filing and retrieving of records and files
  2. Checking and verifying forwarded records from sections
  3. Appraising, classifying and mechanically processing the records based on Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (RRDS)
  4. Encoding the description and general information of records to Records and Archives Management System (RAMs)
  5. Conducting of inventory of records


C. Human Resource Organization and Administration

  1. Preparing staff work schedule and assignments
  2. Preparing and submitting of personnel and necessary supporting documents for vacant positions to be filled up and renewed
  3. Preparing and submitting of employment contracts of staff
  4. Updating and maintaining of personnel records and files (201 files)
  5. Collecting, checking and validating of Daily Time Records (DTR)
  6. Processing and recording of application of leave of the staff
  7. Recording of tardiness and undertime incurred by the staff
  8. Assisting in the supervision of student assistants and trainees
  9. Orienting new staff, student assistants and trainees on administrative matters
  10. Collecting and submitting of individual performance ratings and individual and section reports related to Library operations
  11. Coordinating with the Staff Training and Development Committee (STDC) on the schedule of trainings to be attended by the staff
  12. Processing the appointment papers of newly-hired staff
  13. Leading the wellness development and benefits for the staff


D. Bookkeeping and Monitoring of Funds

  1. Collecting and remitting of fines and library fees and payment for lost materials
  2. Preparing and submitting monthly financial report
  3. Bookkeeping and recording of expenses charged to Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE), NGSE (National Graduate Studies of Engineering) and Library Trust Funds
  4. Preparing and submitting vouchers and supporting documents for payment


E. Building Administration and Site Development

  1. Upkeeping site development, supervising and maintaining of building and grounds
  2. Leading and overseeing the repairs of facilities, furniture and equipment
  3. Requesting and canvassing of quotations for furniture, equipment and building repairs
  4. Overseeing the maintenance and preservation of equipment, furniture and facilities
  5. Preparing job requests to Building Maintenance Office (BMO) and Campus Maintenance Office (CMO)
  6. Assisting the Building Maintenance Office and Campus Maintenance Office on equipment, furniture, facilities and building repair and maintenance
  7. Preparing the monthly facilities and maintenance report
  8. Supervising utility and security personnel and services
  9. Conducting and leading the training on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
  10. Collecting, maintaining and disposing of e-waste materials


 F. General Office Administration and Services

  1. Monitoring the calendar of activities and arranging the schedule of meetings of the Head Librarian, section heads and library committees
  2. Receiving telephone calls, communications and visitors
  3. Recording, sorting and distributing of incoming and outgoing documents and files
  4. Disseminating information and urgent matters to the staff
  5. Preparing correspondence, memoranda and endorsements
  6. Receiving and coordinating facility reservation
  7. Implementing library policies, rules and regulations

Aljun Capili

Janice C. Castro

Jan Jarvey Roy J. Gutierrez

Glenda DL. Mayordo

Ma. Christina G. Necio

Ronilo G. Salustiano

Ana M. Sandigan

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