Archives Section

The Archives Section serves as a repository of the  records and materials with significant historical/research value, produced and received  by the College of Engineering Library and by the college as a whole. It preserves institutional memory with continuing value which includes  historical collections and official publications such as  newsletters, publications, yearbooks, pamphlets; print miscellaneous  and published materials. Likewise, materials created for short term use but historically valuable as illustrations of past events and activities such as advertisements, posters, broadsides, cards, brochures, memorabilia, plaques, trophies, pins, and photographs; and other materials deemed necessary to house are in the section.

Main Functions:

  1. Organization and access management
  2. Preservation of the archival collection
  3. Promotion and marketing


A. Organization and access management

  1. Acquiring of archival records and materials produced and received by the College of Engineering (i.e., College-related and Library-related materials)
  2. Appraising and classifying the archival records based on the Records Retention and Disposition Schedules (RRDS)
  3. Processing of the archival collection technically and mechanically
  4. Indexing the College-related materials in the integrated library system (iLib)
  5. Encoding of the bibliographic information of the  Library-related materials to the Records and Archives Management System (RAMS) and archival materials to the iLib (College-related materials) 
  6. Updating the RRDS
  7. Conducting inventory of the archival materials.
  8. Facilitating efficient archival management for easy access and retrieval of the materials


B. Preservation of the archival collection

  1. Preserving and conserving of the archival collection
  2. Maintaining the Digital Institutional Repository (DIR) by updating the list of faculty works and publications


C. Promotion and marketing

  1. Organizing exhibits of the archival collection
  2. Featuring works of notable collection through social media account

Mary Jane M. Lariba

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