Cataloging Section

The Cataloging Section organizes the library collections for use through cataloging and classification thus making resources available by author, title, and subject form through the Open Public Access Catalog (OPAC). It also produces and maintains catalogs, indexes, and tools; and prepares resources ready for access at reader’s services.

A. Classifying and cataloging of library collection, specifically books, eBooks, theses, feasibility studies, plant designs, in-analytics and other archival materials

  1. Searching and verifying bibliographic data against OPAC and other cataloging tools
  2. Creation/addition of bibliographic records in the iLib cataloging module
  3. Provision of call number and subject headings
  4. Classification of books according to circulation type
  5. Registering for accompanying websites and preparing access kits


B. Maintaining catalogs, indexes, and online databases

  1. Preparing and filing of  union shelflist cards
  2. Submitting MARC records and shelflist cards to the University Library
  3. Updating/editing of existing bibliographic records/entries in databases and shelflist cards
  4. Updating bibliographic records and cards of discarded, relieved, and relocated materials


C. Mechanical / physical processing

  1. Preparing and affixing labels, book cards, book pockets, and date due slips
  2. Covering and sensitizing materials
  3. Processing of accompanying materials (CDs, DVDs, plans, etc.)

Christine R. Fuerte

Kaye Liane S. Rodriguez

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