Circulation and Reserve Section

The Circulation and Reserve Section provides users with an updated collection of library materials, efficient and helpful services,  and an organized environment to support their learning, research and information needs.

A. Lending and returning of library materials

  1. Lending, returning & renewing library materials
  2. Paging Reserve and Rare books
  3. Assisting users in locating library materials
  4. Facilitating interlibrary loans of print materials


B. Updating Reserve/ Circulation collection 

  1. Providing list of books with newer editions/ additional copies of Reserve books to be forwarded to Acquisitions Section
  2. Transferring of resources from Regular Circulation to Reserve or vice versa
  3. Updating the master list of Reserve books and e-Gateway databases
  4. Posting new library acquisitions on Orange Network
  5. Updating of newly acquired books display
  6. Coordinating with the faculty members in identifying books for additional purchase and books for transfer to the Reserve collection


C. Collection maintenance and preservation of collection

  1. Gathering and sorting of books for shelving
  2. Shelving and shelf reading
  3. Recommending and preparing list of library materials for binding/rebinding
  4. Refurbishing and repairing of library materials
  5. Conducting inventory of the collection at the end of every semester
  6. Identifying and preparing list of unserviceable materials for weeding with approval of the faculty before forwarding to the Acquisitions section
  7. Duplicating accompanying materials


D. ID countersigning, issuing temporary IDs and clearances

  1. Countersigning IDs
  2. Updating the student records
  3. Issuing temporary IDs
  4. Issuing clearances


E. Computing and collecting library fees, etc. 

  1. Computing, collecting library fines/ fees and payments for lost books, etc.
  2. Reporting accurate collection fines/ fees and payments for lost books, etc.


F. Recalling of overdue materials 

  1. Sending notices through email, phone, text, letters to library borrowers with library accountabilities
  2. Recalling of overdue materials within a week after the last day of borrowing
  3. Tagging of students with library accountabilities at CRS database


G. Search for “Best Borrowers” 

  1. Identifying students and faculty who have demonstrated and maximized the use of materials by returning the most number of loaned books on time
  2. Awarding of winners with certificates and prizes


H. Providing miscellaneous services

  1. Lending the following:
    1. E-readers
    2. Umbrellas
    3. Reading glasses
    4. Book rests
    5. Calculators
    6. Extension cords & adapters
  2. Monitoring of Discussion rooms
  3. Monitoring energy/electricity usage

Eleonor M. Llave

Krystalle Rome M. Peralta-Zacarias

Abel A. Belmonte

Ma. Cecilia T. Ramos


@engglib on Twitter