Information Systems and Network Section

The Information Systems and Network Section of the UP College of Engineering Library is responsible for initiating, coordinating, and leading the automation, modernization, and information and communications technology (ICT) projects and activities of the Library, in accordance with the Library’s vision and goals. The section is also accountable for ensuring optimal operation and utilization of the Library’s IT assets, equipment, and facilities through regular maintenance and responsible use.

A. Information systems and web applications development and improvement

  1. Developing programs and web applications using free and open source software/ technologies
  2. Evaluating and reviewing free and open-source software that can possibly aid in the automation of library operations
  3. Enhancement, troubleshooting and technical maintenance of existing web applications and their corresponding databases, namely:
    • Records and Archives Management System (RAMs)
    • Digital Institutional Repository (DIR)
    • EZproxy and EZauth (Remote Access Portal)
    • eGateway (Portal, Mobile, Manager and Administrator)
    • eNewsClips (DSpace)
    • LibStats
    • Orange HRM
    • Network Storage
    • Livezilla
    • EngglibTV
    • Inventory System
    • Cacti
    • IP Manager
    • Web Databases
  4. Writing documentations, procedures, and/or user guides on deployed applications
  5. Conducting training programs on deployed applications and other topics pertaining to automation activities of the library


B. Systems and network services administration

  1. Administering, troubleshooting and maintaining electronic devices related to automation and IT functions of the library, namely:
    • Network servers
    • Core and distribution switches
    • Local area network
    • Wireless network (Ruckus ZoneDirector and Access Points)
    • CCTV System
    • Biometrics DTR
    • Satellite TV
    • VoIP
  2. Documenting changes in network configurations
  3. Providing technical support for problems in LAN and WiFi connection


C. Library websites and social media accounts administration and enhancement

  1. Troubleshooting and technical maintenance of the following sites:
    • Engglib website (Joomla)
    • Orange Network Blog (WordPress)
    • ILML Blog (Blogger)
  2. Managing the technical aspect of Engglib accounts on social media and web services sites, namely
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • Skype
    • Bitly


D. Computers and IT equipment management and administration

  1. Setting up computers to be used as staff workstations, OPAC stations and eReaders (PC, iMac, iPad, Kindle)
  2. Installing and updating necessary software
  3. Providing technical support for hardware/software problems in staff workstations, OPAC stations, printers, scanners, and other devices
  4. Providing technical specifications and overseeing the bidding of IT equipment
  5. Preparing defective equipment for repair or condemn
  6. Inventory of IT equipment


E. Digitization and technical management of electronic resources (access, storage, preservation)

  1. Downloading e-books from online databases and storing the files in appropriate media (server, portable hard disk, eReaders)
  2. Providing ways for easy access and retrieval of downloaded e-books
  3. Updating list of e-resources in the website, eGateway Portal and EZproxy
  4. Converting files and records from one format to another (printed to digital or digital to another digital format)


Hanzel Allan C. Cruz


Nathanael C. Cariaga, consultant


Jan Jarvey Roy J. Gutierrez

El Fred R. Habacon


John Lhevin Q. Poblete

@engglib on Twitter