Serials Section

The Serials Section houses the Library’s continuing resources in print and electronic, as well as foreign and local scholarly publications in engineering and technology. Students, faculty and researchers stay current on the information scene by reading, browsing and checking out the regular subscriptions of national broadsheets and wide array of international journals and magazine titles. The section is engaged  in indexing services which aims for a high level of specificity and in achieving balance between exhaustivity and selectivity of index terms as access points to the documents. The section is also responsible in archiving newspaper clippings of engineering-related articles and for efficient retrieval through eNews Clips database.

Main Functions:

  1. Organization and Access Management of the Resources
  2. Maintenance and Preservation of Materials
  3. Collection Development, Promotion and Marketing of Section’s Collection and Services


A. Organization and Access Management of the Resources

  1. Processing of the serials collection technically and mechanically
  2. Handling of bound journals and magazines (i.e. collating, accessioning, and stamping of ownership)
  3. Indexing of the collection to create searchable index term or metadata
  4. Encoding the bibliographic information of the perpetual journals in the integrated library system ( iLib)
  5. Migrating newspaper articles metadata from the iLib to eNewsclips database
  6. Updating the list of the collection such as bound and individual titles of journals and magazines, open access links of electronic journals and magazines in the e-Gateway


B. Maintenance and Preservation of Materials

  1. Conducting inventory of serials collection
  2. Searching and verifying the links of the open access electronic journals and magazines for broken or dead links
  3. Archiving newspaper articles by scanning and uploading the digitized copy in the eNewsclips database
  4. Identifying the materials for mending and requesting the materials for rebinding
  5. Identifying and preparing list of unserviceable materials for weeding


C. Collection Development, Promotion and Marketing of Section’s Collection and Services

  1. Strengthening of the collections by tapping local and foreign publishers and Engineering Society Groups to provide the Section with complimentary copies of journals
  2. Searching, gathering, and authenticating open access electronic databases for possible inclusion on the list
  3. Assisting in selecting, reviewing and recommending journals for possible purchase
  4. Evaluating the serials collection to determine its strengths and weaknesses
  5. Monitoring the delivery of subscribed, gifts and donated serials collections and making a follow-up on undelivered subscriptions
  6. Facilitating the monitoring and reporting of the use of section’s collections, services and facilities
  7. Routing Current Awareness Service on the new acquisitions to students and faculty through the social media accounts


Jhonalyn T. Calamanan

Gizelle Dela Cruz

May Anne F. Ramos

Reina R. Irinco

John Lhevin Q. Poblete

Kaye Liane S. Rodriguez


@engglib on Twitter