Strategic Communications Section

The Strategic Communication Office shall have the mission of marketing the library as an institution, developing and enhancing EnggLib’s branding, organizing events and outreach programs and establishing networks and linkages with other institutions, conducting research and creating publications and other materials for the enhancement of library services, and facilitating efficient internal and external communication through the use of print and social media.

Main Functions:

    The following are the specific tasks and functions of the Section:

  1. Strategic Communication
  2. Marketing
  3. Research and Publications


A. Strategic Communication

  1. Facilitate efficient organizational communication within the Engineering Library through the dissemination of timely and relevant information.
  2. Engage with communities within and outside the university by conducting outreach programs.


B. Marketing

  1. Develop and maintain a positive image of the Engineering Library through communication and marketing activities.
  2. Promote new and current collections, services and events of the Engineering Library through applicable media and channels.s
  3. Plan for and provide direction on the production and distribution of Engineering Library promotional items.
  4. Assist Engineering Library Sections in their marketing activities.
  5. Coordinate with dealers, vendors and content providers with marketing and promotion concerns.
  6. Develop, implement and evaluate an effective Library brand.
  7. Evaluate Library communications and marketing activities through research.


C. Research and Publications

  1. Consolidate data and manage annual reports submitted by Engineering Library Sections.
  2. Manage research data provided by entities (personal or corporate) within and outside the Library.
  3. Regularly prepare and manage Engineering Library publications and write articles, press releases, and other related write-ups, as needed.
  4. Identify, propose and implement Library research and projects as the need arises.

Lexandra S. Abdon

Janice C. Castro

Jeffrey P. Francisco

@engglib on Twitter