UP EnggLib Facilities

Social learning spaces for sharing and collaboration.

UP EnggLib is more than a reading area. It houses several facilities designed around learning enriched by technology, collaboration, and user comfort. What sets UP EnggLib apart from other libraries is that the library heavily invests in technological infrastructure and operations. EnggLib marks itself as an IT library, in the midst of the changing times. In order to streamline all processes in the library, EnggLib is heavily dependent in this infrastructure. The Library guarantees to deliver fast and efficient services to its users and set an updated know-how on the technological advances in the world. The Library has its own server room and all rooms are well-connected to its local area network. Each room was designed with a unique purpose and has the ability to connect and access the different resources intended for development and research. Select any of the links below to discover UP EnggLib's facilities.

The Learning Commons

One-stop location for all things academic and digital.

Among the many innovations of UP EnggLib is The Learning Commons (TLC). TLC is a space designed to promote interaction, collaboration, and group learning among users and is a one-stop location for all things academic and digital, providing users with means to access the library's electronic resources, engage in multimedia projects, and participate in group coursework. EnggLib came up with TLC as a response to the changing information lifestyle of users and changing methods of classroom instruction that has shifted from being individual-based to group learning. It is a program that brings into maturity the library's adaptation of the Commons concept by integrating technology and ergonomics with information resources and services in order to create an academic environment that magnifies learning possibilities by encouraging shared experience.

The Learning Commons is equipped with multimedia-capable computer workstations for a wide range of tasks such as Web surfing, desktop publishing, multimedia content creation, and software development for various platforms. These workstations are customized to feature various software applications that our students need in order to complete their academic requirements. Users can choose among Windows, Mac, and Linux workstations to suit their needs. TLC encourages a culture of being the go-to place of students for their machine problems, media hub, laboratory exercises, or chill-out place, providing them with comfortable bean bags, carpeted flooring, and a noise-allowed facility.

By its novelty and uniqueness, The Learning Commons has earned UP EnggLib a distinct place among modern Philippine libraries and currently serves as a benchmark for other institutions with similar on-going projects. It also takes pride that after a year of operations, TLC was awarded the Outstanding Library Program of 2011 by the Philippine Association of Academic/Research Librarians, Inc.

Multimedia Viewing Room
The TLC Multimedia Viewing Room features the marriage of flexibility and technology. Reconfigurable tables and chairs allow it to suit any purpose - be it a viewing session, a forum, or a classroom setup. The room is equipped with a high-definition LED TV, touch-screen desktop computer, Blu-ray player, DVD/multimedia player, surround sound system, digital projector, and electronic smartboard for that technology-enhanced classroom experience.
The TLC Multimedia Viewing Room is exclusive for COE faculty members and staff.

Film Fridays
TLC also hosts a regular activity dubbed as Film Fridays, a weekly alternative learning experience where students can enjoy watching features & documentaries about engineering, sciences and technology. Students are free to come here every Friday, and enjoy watching and learning in a comfortable setting. Drop by at TLC Multimedia Viewing Room every Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

Printing Services
Students may avail printing services at the TLC’s Printing Station whether in black and white (P5/page) or in colored (P20/page).