UP EnggLib Services

Library Orientation

Faculty members may schedule an Online Library Orientation for their classes. The following topics will be discussed during the orientation:

1. Online Services
a. How to Access the Online Public Access Catalog (Tuklas)
b. How to Borrow Print Books
c. How to Request for Resource-On-Demand
d. How to Use the Remote Access Portal
e. Ask-a-Librarian

2. Online Resources
a. How to Access eTextbooks, eBooks, eJournals, and eTools

The Zoom invitation, which you can share with your class, will be sent upon receipt of the request.

Facility Reservation

Facility Reservation Guidelines
  • Make your reservation at least three (3) days before intended date of use. This is to allow us to check our schedule and prepare the facility for you.
  • If reserving a facility online, please provide a working e-mail address and phone number so we can contact you regarding your reservation.
  • Only faculty members may reserve the TLC Multimedia Room and the Conference Room.
  • Discussion Rooms are strictly for Academic Purposes Only.
  • TLC Discussion Room is intended for academic discussions with the use of technology equipment only.
  • For usage of Discussion Rooms, maximum of two hours per reservation only.

UP EnggLib houses a suite of well-designed and furnished facilities that may be rented for academic activities and events.

Discussion Rooms
The Discussion Rooms are ideal for group study sessions and meetings. Each room houses tables and enough seating for up to ten people per table, and whiteboards to jot down discussion points on. A valid UP ID is required to use the rooms.
TLC Multimedia Room
The Multimedia Room at the Learning Commons is more than a viewing room. A set of reconfigurable tables and seats enable it to serve any purpose, from film showing sessions to classroom instruction. The room comes equipped with an HDTV, sound system, multimedia projector, and interactive smartboard. Exclusive to faculty members only.
Conference Room
The Conference Room at UP EnggLib is perfect for meetings and discussions. The room is equipped with an HDTV and multimedia projector.
UPAE Centennial Hall Atrium
The atrium or lobby of the UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall is ideal for exhibits. Users may proceed to the Administration Office of the Library to inquire regarding the reservation of the lobby.

Online Services

A hybrid choice of service: traditional with a twist of modern touch.
UP EnggLib couples its rich collection with excellent, professional services, providing innovative solutions for learners and their mentors by staying keen on new ways to make EnggLib service even better. Although it considers itself as an IT Library, traditional library services still play key role in the daily activities of EnggLib. However, most of these services were recreated and repackaged through the implementation of IT-related applications so as to cope up with the growing collection and expanding needs of the immediate stakeholders. Select any of the links below to discover UP EnggLib's services.

Online Book Reservation

Users may borrow books by appointment. Safety measures should be practiced when getting the books. Below are the steps on how to borrow books.

1. Check availability at https://Tuklas.up.edu.ph/
2. Fill out the form: bit.ly/ELOnlineBookReservation
3. Wait for the Library's confirmation.
4. Get or return the books, either through pick-up or courier.

Resource-On-Demand/Document Delivery

EnggLib materials right on your inbox or doorstep.
UP EnggLib's Resource on Demand or Document Delivery Service is a fee-based service for UP and non-UP library users. The document delivery service processes articles and book chapter requests from the journals, books, e-resources and other materials available in UP EnggLib. These documents are scanned or photocopied and can either be held at the Library for pick-up or be sent electronically or by courier. Requests from students from other schools, private and government researchers shall be made through their office's or school's Head Librarian.

To request for Resource on Demand, kindly follow these steps:
1. Check availability at https://tuklas.up.edu.ph/
2. Fill out the form: bit.ly/ELResourceOnDemand
3. Wait for the Library's confirmation.

Matrix of ROD services offered to UP students, faculty, and staff:
Material Type Fee Restriction Access Transaction Limit/User Turnaround
1. E-copy of articles from the print collection Free None 5 articles per day 1-2 working days
2. E-copy of articles from online resources Free None 10 articles per day 1-2 working days
3. E-copy of chapter/pages of a print book Free None Preliminary pages (e.g. title page, table of contents) provided for free
No more than 10% of the total pages per book (excluding preliminary pages) per user
Materials in the public domain may be copied up to 100%, subject to approval by Head Librarian of the collection
1-2 working days
4. Theses/Dissertations Free None Preliminary pages, bibliography 1-2 working days
5. Accompanying materials Free None 1 accompanying material per day 2 working days
For questions, email us at library@engglib.upd.edu.ph

Remote Access to Electronic Resources using UP Mail

1. Log in to your UP mail account.
2. Open the App Launcher.
3. Click "EZproxy".
4. You will be directed to the UP College of Engineering Library Remote Access Portal.
5. You may now launch the platforms and start browsing.

Once you have signed in using your UP mail, you can now access all Engineering subscribed databases.