UP EnggLib Services

A hybrid choice of service: traditional with a twist of modern touch.

UP EnggLib couples its rich collection with excellent, professional services, providing innovative solutions for learners and their mentors by staying keen on new ways to make EnggLib service even better. Although it considers itself as an IT Library, traditional library services still play key role in the daily activities of EnggLib. However, most of these services were recreated and repackaged through the implementation of IT-related applications so as to cope up with the growing collection and expanding needs of the immediate stakeholders. Select any of the links below to discover UP EnggLib's services.

Ask a Librarian

Got a burning question you want answered?

UP EnggLib has taken library services further by not only providing easy, fast and constant access to resources, but also by offering excellent support service to its users. The information services being offered at EnggLib harnesses the power of new technologies to provide new and innovative ways to reach out to users and help them get the resources they need for their researches. It also takes advantage of social media to provide ubiquitous access to dynamic information resources and personalized services not only for its intended patrons but also for every researcher who may happen to come across EnggLib's online presence. Anywhere you are, as long as you're online, the Information Services Librarian would be glad to help you with your information needs.

In Person

No appointments necessary! Feel free to stop by the Engineering Library and look for the Information Services Librarian anytime.


Prefer voice call rather than chat or e-mail? Don't hesitate to call EnggLib1 at (+63 2) 8981-8500 loc. 3143-44 and EnggLib2 at (+63 2) 981-8500 loc. 3251-52.

Live Chat

Can't come over to the library? No problem. Chat with the Information Services Librarian thru Facebook Messenger wherever you are, as long as you're online.


Feel free to send inquiries or requests through electronic mail as well. Connect with EnggLib through library@engglib.upd.edu.ph.

Social Networks


Document Delivery / Resource-On-Demand

EnggLib materials right on your inbox or doorstep.

UP EnggLib's Resource-On-Demand or Document Delivery Service is a fee-based service for UP and non-UP library users. The document delivery service processes articles and book chapter requests from the journals, books, e-resources and other materials available in UP EnggLib. These documents are scanned or photocopied and can either be held at the Library for pick-up or be sent electronically or by courier. Requests from students from other schools, private and government researchers shall be made through their office's or school's Head Librarian.

  1. Check availability of library materials via Tuklas.
  2. Fill out the Resource-On-Demand form.
  3. Wait for the Library's confirmation.

Matrix of ROD services offered to UP students, faculty, and staff:

Material Type Fee Restriction Access Transaction Limit/User Turnaround
1. E-copy of articles from the print collection Free None 5 articles per day 1-2 working days
2. E-copy of articles from online resources Free None 10 articles per day 1-2 working days
3. E-copy of chapter/pages of a print book Free None Preliminary pages (e.g. title page, table of contents) provided for free
No more than 10% of the total pages per book (excluding preliminary pages) per user
Materials in the public domain may be copied up to 100%, subject to approval by Head Librarian of the collection
1-2 working days
4. Theses/Dissertations Free None Preliminary pages, bibliography 1-2 working days
5. Accompanying materials Free None 1 accompanying material per day 2 working days

Online Book Reservation

Due to our current situation, access to physical resources is limited. Users may borrow books by appointment. Safety measures should be practiced when getting the books. Below are the steps on how to borrow books.

  1. Check availability at Tuklas.
  2. Fill out the Online book reservation form.
  3. Wait for the Library's confirmation.
  4. Get or return the books, either through pick-up or courier.

Library Orientations and Tours

Experience EnggLib for yourself.

UP EnggLib welcomes visitors from here and abroad who would like to take a tour of the Library -- from students and librarians to visiting professors and foreign students.

Know what you need to know.
Library tours are tailored to your group or organization's needs. Whether you would like to learn more about our collection or our suite of technology-enriched services, we've got you covered.

Library Benchmarks? This is the place to be.
Librarians from all over the country have visited UP EnggLib to conduct benchmarking activities, learning new library practices and technologies along the way.

You may request for a library tour online by clicking here, but before you do, please take note of the following:

  • Library tour requests must be made at least one week before your intended date of visit. This is to allow us to check our schedules and prepare the tour program.
  • Only one member from your group needs to place a tour request. He/She becomes our contact person for the tour activity and all matters related to it will be discussed with him/her.
  • If you have concerns or special requests regarding your tour, please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to accommodate your requests and make your tour more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Interlibrary Loans

We'll get it for you.

UP EnggLib offers interlibrary loan services to its users through its linkages and networks with other academic libraries in the country. Interlibrary loan enables the library to provide users with information from the material they need which are not part of its collection by loaning the said material from the source library, on behalf of the user.

Referral Service There are information needs of library patrons which the library may not be able to immediately provide. To accommodate this, UP EnggLib offers referral services for library users who intend to use the resources and services of other libraries. Library users would be provided with a letter by the library which they would present to the library they intend to do their research at.

Library patrons may proceed to the Information Services Section to learn more about interlibrary loans or request for a referral letter. Requests may also be emailed at library@engglib.upd.edu.ph.

Current Awareness Service

Know what's going on in a variety of ways.

Want to know the latest library news, events, and resources? UP EnggLib has ventured on other means and ways to promote current awareness services. Get it fresh from one of several channels, online and on-site.

Library Communiqué and EnggLibTV
For those who frequently visit UP EnggLib, a hybrid bulletin board was also set in place to welcome user and promote its resources and services. The Library Communiqué features a combination of the traditional library bulletin board and the modern multimedia bulletin board system. In the heart of this hybrid bulletin board is the EnggLibTV, a dynamic multimedia information display developed by EnggLib to feature library news and announcements, informative videos, and latest technology news. Student organizations are also welcome to have their events or activities posted on EnggLibTV, either as a banner or a short video teaser, free of charge. Please contact us for submission guidelines.

On Social Media
Want to stay connected with your favorite library? We have several social networking accounts for you to follow! EnggLib has official accounts on Facebook and Twitter for the latest library news and announcements, as well as our featured electronic resources. We are also using Instagram which serves as a location-based photo stream for the Library, and YouTube for videos that highlight our services and facilities. This is EnggLib's method to be hip and adapt with the changing times, reaching out to the new generation and to a wider audience. Visit these sites by selecting an icon below and follow us.

WiFi Access

Stay connected anywhere within EnggLib premises.

Do you need to access electronic resources right on your own laptop, smartphone, or tablet? UP EnggLib is proud to deliver you fast internet speed to satisfy your need. You can connect to a hotspot at any location inside EnggLib. College of Engineering students, faculty, and staff can exclusively connect to ENGGNET using their CRS credentials and gain access to all of EnggLib's e-resources. UP COE Faculty and Staff members can alternatively connect to the UPCOE-WIFI using the username and password which will be provided by the library staff. The DILNET WiFi connection is also available and you may use your CRS credentials to login.
Kindly approach any library staff for assistance.

Wireless Connectivity Usage Guidelines of the College of Engineering Library
All users of the wireless network service of the College of the Engineering Library must agree to the following proscriptions of use:
  1. Infringement of protected material. Users are prohibited from performing acts of copyright infringement, such as but not limited to: the unauthorized copying, reproduction, dissemination, distribution, importation, use, removal, alteration, substitution, modification, storage, unloading, downloading, communication, publication or broadcasting of copyrighted materials including software, databases, and multimedia files, among others.
  2. Offensive materials. Users are prohibited from using the wireless networks to access offensive materials such as pornographic, racially discriminating, libelous, and scandalous materials.
  3. Political Use. No user of the wireless networks is allowed from using the service for partisan and political activities.
  4. Hacking and unauthorized access. Users are not allowed to use the wireless system to gain access to secure servers, databases or websites, nor corrupt through introduction of malware and viruses and alter or steal data from other users or networks. Unauthorized modification of EnggLib's network/wireless services, IT facilities and equipment is strictly prohibited.
  5. Unauthorized gaming or entertainment. Gaming or use of entertainment software is strictly prohibited unless authorized and endorsed, in written form, by faculty or other authorities within the University.
  6. Password protection. Library users who are given a password-protected account may not disclose such password or otherwise makes the account available to others.
  7. Large data transfer. Use of the Wi-Fi System for high volume data transfers, especially sustained high volume data transfers, beyond the acceptable limit of 1GB per hour is prohibited. Should there be need for data transfer beyond the acceptable limit, the user may file a request in written form, to the Head Librarian signifying the purpose and should be within the provisions of the University's Acceptable Use Policy. All requests should be endorsed by the faculty or any competent authority.
The College of Engineering Library reserves the right to suspend use of the wireless networks for the duration of the semester up to one (1) academic year depending on the offense incurred if found violating any of the provisions stated herein.

Miscellaneous Services

We've got it all for you.

UP EnggLib goes beyond just serving the academic needs of its users. As part of EnggLib's investment in developing new innovative services, the Library also offers extended services such as the lending of laptops, umbrellas, reading glasses, calculators, extension cords, and adapters, exclusive to Engineering students and faculty. Interested users may proceed to the Circulation Section to avail of the miscellaneous services.

Guidelines for Borrowing

  • Actively enrolled UP COE students may borrow a laptop for room-use only.
  • A duly countersigned ID and Internet Use Card (pink card) are required to borrow a laptop.
  • A liability agreement, as part of the Laptop Lending Form, should be fully understood and signed by the user before the equipment is lent out.
  • Only one (1) laptop is allowed per user. A user is not allowed to borrow a laptop from another student.
  • Only the laptop will be lent to the user. The charger and other accessories will remain at the Circulation/ Reserve section. In the event that battery is exhausted, user must return the equipment to the Circulation/ Reserve section for replacement.
Loan Periods
  • A laptop can be borrowed during library hours for four (4) hours and must be returned to the Circulation/ Reserve section after the loan period. Borrowing may be extended if the equipment is available.
  • A laptop may be used within the premises of the UP COE Library only. Bringing the laptop outside UP COE Library is prohibited and will be considered a violation.
  • The laptop should be returned at the Circulation/ Reserve section of the UP COE Library only.
  • Users are not allowed to give the laptop to a third party to return.
The lending of umbrella service offered by EnggLib is a manifestation of its impact on the users to appreciate the library more than as an academic resource.
  • Umbrellas may be borrowed anytime during office hours or until 15 minutes before the closing time.
  • Strictly one (1) umbrella per borrower is allowed.
  • Students and faculty just need to present their ID and fill out the Umbrella Lending Form at the Circulation Section.
  • Umbrellas are treated as part of the Reserve Book section. They should be returned on or before 5PM the following day (except Sundays and holidays).
  • Borrowers with unreturned umbrellas will be tagged on CRS and DLQ database.
   Scientific Calculators
  • Users may borrow the calculators for room use and classroom use.
  • Strictly one (1) calculator per borrower.
  • Students and faculty just need to present their ID and fill out the logsheet at the Circulation Section.
  • Users are allowed to bring the borrowed calculators to class for a maximum of four (4) hours during examination time. If an extension time is needed, students may contact the library at least an hour before its due.
  • Extension of time is only allowed once for a maximum of three (3) hours.
  • For lost calculators, borrowers must replace lost item with a similar item. If it cannot be replaced, the borrower should pay the cost of the item on its current price.
   Reading Glasses
  • Reading glasses may be borrowed anytime during office hours or until 30 minutes before the closing time.
  • Strictly one (1) pair of reading glasses per borrower.
  • Students and faculty just need to present their ID and fill out the logsheet at the Circulation Section.
  • To determine the right grade for the user, a guide will be provided as a reference.
   Extension Cords and Adapters
  • Users may borrow the extensions cords and adapters for room use only.
  • Students and faculty just need to present their ID and fill out the logsheet at the Circulation Section.
  • Maximum of two (2) hours use per borrower. Borrowing can be extended if no request for use has been received.
  • Late return without the advisory from the borrower would be imposed with a fee of P10.00 per hour.
  • For lost extension cords and adapters, borrowers must replace lost item with a similar item. If it cannot be replaced, the borrower should pay the cost of the item on its current price.